Regular season standingsEdit

Qualification for League Championship Series
Qualification for Wildcard Series
Atlantic League regular season standings
Team G W L Pct. GB
Trois-Rivières Saints 623923.629--
Hamilton Steelers 623725.5972
Quebec City Liberte 623725.5972
London Lions 623230.5167
Ottawa Nationals 622735.43512
St. John's Vikings 622042.32319
Pacific League regular season standings
Team G W L Pct. GB
Saskatoon Stallions 623329.532--
Vancouver Aces 633132.4922.5
Edmonton Trappers 643133.4843
Winnipeg Buffaloes 633033.4763.5
Calgary Cowboys 622933.4684
Victoria Chargers 622834.4525

Post SeasonEdit

Wildcard SeriesEdit

Quebec City Liberte (3) vs. Hamilton Steelers (2)

Game Date Score Location
1August 29thHamilton Steelers – 4, Quebec City Liberte – 1Quebec City
2August 31stQuebec City Liberte – 7, Hamilton Steelers – 4Hamilton
3September 1st Quebec City Liberte – 2, Hamilton Steelers – 5Hamilton

Edmonton Trappers (3) vs. Vancouver Aces (2)

Game Date Score Location
1August 28thVancouver Aces – 3, Edmonton Trappers – 5Edmonton
2August 30thEdmonton Trappers – 3, Vancouver Aces – 2Vancouver

League ChampionshipEdit

Trois-Rivières (1) vs. Hamilton Steelers (2)

Game Date Score Location
1September 3rd Hamilton Steelers – 2, Trois-Rivières Saints – 0Trois-Rivières
2September 4th Hamilton Steelers – 0, Trois-Rivières Saints – 3Trois-Rivières
3September 6th Trois-Rivières Saints – 3, Hamilton Steelers – 6Hamilton
4September 7th Trois-Rivières Saints – 5, Hamilton Steelers – 3Hamilton
5September 8th Trois-Rivières Saints – 2, Hamilton Steelers – 5Hamilton
6September 10th Hamilton Steelers – 4, Trois-Rivières Saints – 7Trois-Rivières
7September 11thHamilton Steelers – 3, Trois-Rivières Saints – 2Trois-Rivières

Saskatoon Stallions (1) vs. Edmonton Trappers (3)

Game Date Score Location
1September 2nd Edmonton Trappers – 3, Saskatoon Stallions – 2Saskatoon
2September 3rd Edmonton Trappers – 4, Saskatoon Stallions – 6Saskatoon
3September 5th Saskatoon Stallions – 9, Edmonton Trappers – 11Edmonton
4September 5th Saskatoon Stallions – 3, Edmonton Trappers – 5Edmonton
5September 7th Saskatoon Stallions – 2, Edmonton Trappers – 3Edmonton

Canadian Baseball ChampionshipEdit

Hamilton Steelers (AL) vs. Edmonton Trappers (PL)

Game Date Score Location
1September 13th Edmonton Trappers – 18, Hamilton Steelers – 2Hamilton
2September 14th Edmonton Trappers – 7, Hamilton Steelers – 5Hamilton
3September 16th Hamilton Steelers – 2, Edmonton Trappers – 3Edmonton
4September 17th Hamilton Steelers – 4, Edmonton Trappers – 2Edmonton
5September 19th Edmonton Trappers – 4, Hamilton Steelers – 2Hamilton



AL: Jim Banfield (Hamilton Steelers) The 30-year-old first baseman for Hamilton churned out a .347 batting average while amassing 82 hits, 14 doubles, no triples, 15 home runs, 51 runs and 44 RBIs.

PL: Bobby Tiller (Winnipeg Buffaloes) The first baseman smacked 77 hits, 12 doubles, 1 triple, 21 home runs and 65 RBIs while hitting .303 with 44 runs scored.

Pitcher of the YearEdit

AL: Cory Bickford (Quebec City Liberte) Bickford compiled a 9-2 record in 17 starts, tallied 127 strikeouts in 114.1 innings and recorded a 2.52 ERA. Other clubs managed only a .210 batting average against him.

PL: Joe Paxton (Vancouver Aces) He posted a 2.46 ERA with 6 wins, 3 losses, 93 strikeouts and 29 walks in 98.2 innings.

Manager of the YearEdit

AL: Kevin Beaumond (Trois-Rivieres)

PL: Howard Harper (Edmonton Trappers)

Rookie of the YearEdit

AL: Chris Bent (Hamilton Steelers) The 24-year-old starter registered a 9-5 record this season in 18 starts. Over 107 innings he gave up 98 hits, struck out 95 and issued 28 walks as he held the opposition to a .241 batting average and fashioned a 3.20 ERA.

PL: Bill Balderston (Vancouver Aces) The Aces center fielder took the honor by hitting .289 in 54 games this season and finishing with 65 hits, 10 home runs, 30 RBIs and 34 runs scored.

Reliever of the YearEdit

AL: Matt Anderson (Quebec City) 24 saves in 37 relief appearances, 61 strikeouts in 46.2 innings and a record of 3 wins and 2 losses to go with his 1.35 ERA.

PL: Kent Yeadon (Winnipeg Buffaloes) 1.10 ERA, over 41 innings of work. He made 32 relief appearances and had 13 saves, 62 strikeouts, 9 walks and a record of 3-3.

AL Fielders of the YearEdit

Pitcher Eric Mathews (Hamilton Steelers)

Catcher Bob Cashman (Trois-Rivières Saints)

First Baseman Jerry Currell (Ottawa Nationals)

Second Baseman Matt Maxwell (Ottawa Nationals)

Third Baseman Julian Bolden (Trois-Rivières Saints)

Shortstop Ross Boff (Trois-Rivières Saints)

Left Fielder Ryan Fauver (Trois-Rivières Saints)

Center Fielder Bryan Latour (London Lions)

Right Fielder Darren Cranton (Quebec City Liberté)

PL Fielders of the YearEdit

Pitcher Cecil Chatwin (Calgary Cowboys)

Catcher Gareth Murdock (Edmonton Trappers)

First Baseman Bobby Tiller (Winnipeg Buffaloes)

Second Baseman Doyle Banfield (Vancouver Aces)

Third Baseman Fred Kirkham (Winnipeg Buffaloes)

Shortstop Robert Dejean (Vancouver Aces)

Left Fielder Adam Zuber (Winnipeg Buffaloes)

Center Fielder Brandon Lane (Winnipeg Buffaloes)

Right Fielder Eric Weaver (Calgary Cowboys)